"SOF Marine Service" was founded on November 16 in 2009. Director of company Konstantin Deviatkov with years of experience working in ship repair (over 27 years). "SOF Marine Service" is certified by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and BUREAU VERITAS. Currently the company employs 14 people, all employees have a high level of professional qualifications and years of experience in the field of ship repair.

We carry a variety of work such as:

  • ship repair;                         
  • upgrading mechanisms;                         
  • maintenance of ships;                         
  • repair of internal combustion engines (up to 8500 kW);                         
  • repair of auxiliary equipment;                         
  • repair and restoration of screws;                         
  • recovery engine parts;                         
  • preparation of technical documentation;                        
  • etc.

Work is performed on time and with perfect quality (example of our works).